St. Mary's Law Journal

St. Mary's Law Journal

Current Issue: Volume 53, Number 2


The Dark Side of Due Process: Part I
A Hard Look at Penumbral Rights and Cost/Benefit Balancing Tests

Joshua J. Schroeder

A Pandemic of Separation of Powers Violations in Texas: The Interrelationship of the Texas Disaster Act and Texas Gov’t Code Section 22.0035
Ron Beal

The Legacy of Johnson v. Darr: The 1925 Decision of the All-Woman Texas Supreme Court
Jeffrey D. Dunn

Revisiting the History of the Independent State Legislature Doctrine
Hayward H. Smith


Dual Personas: Treating an Employer as a Third Party Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act
Brent A. Bauer

Disposable Immigrants: The Reality of Sexual Assault in Immigration Detention Centers
Valerie Gisel Zarate

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Current Issue: Volume 53, Number 4 (2022)