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St. Mary's Law Journal

SNEAK PEEK: Volume 51, Number 1


Lavado de Dinero y Defraudación Fiscal en el Derecho Positivo Mexicano (Money Laundering and Tax Fraud in the Mexican Legal System) by Julio Aspe
Roberto Rosas


Superseding Money Judgments in Texas: Four Proposed Reforms to Help the Business Litigant and to Further Improve the Texas Civil Justice System
James Holmes

Current Issue: Volume 50, Number 3

The State of Texas Recognizes the 50th Anniversary of the St. Mary’s Law Journal
The Honorable Greg Abbott


Article III Courts v. Military Commissions: A Comparison of Protection of Classified Information and Admissibility of Evidence in Terrorism Prosecutions
Mohamed Al-Hendy

Not Everybody Loves Raymond: How the Case of Raymond v. Raymond Made a Shambles of Interspousal Gift Presumptions and the Parol Evidence Rule in Matters of Texas Community Property
Pamela E. George

Latino Education in Texas: A History of Systematic Recycling Discrimination
Albert H. Kauffman

Population Law and Policy: From Control and Contraception to Equity and Equality
Victoria Mikesell Mather

The Remarkable First 50 Women Law Graduates of St. Mary’s University: Part One
Regina Stone-Harris


Texas, the Death Penalty, and Intellectual Disability
Megan Green

Regulating Retirement: Understanding the Impact of New Best Interest and Fiduciary Standards on Retail Investors
Michael Lichtmacher

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Book Review
Roberto Rosas


Insurance Appraisal in Texas and Its Place in Coverage Litigation
Brendan K. McBride, William J. Chriss, and Matthew R. Pearson


Domestic Asset Tracing and Recovery of Hidden Assets and the Spoils of Financial Crime
Nathan Wadlinger, Carl Pacini, Nicole Stowell, William Hopwood, and Debra Sinclair


David Crump