St. Mary's Law Journal

St. Mary's Law Journal

Current Issue: Volume 52, Number 1


Ezra, Rehnquist, and St. Mary’s University
Lance Kimbro


The Militia: A Definition and Litmus Test
Marcus Armstrong

Targeting the Texas Citizen Participation Act: The 2019 Texas Legislature's Amendments to a Most Consequential Law
Amy Bresnen, Lisa Kaufman, & Steve Bresnen

The Case for the Rodeo: An Analysis of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Inverse Condemnation Case Against the City of Houston
Emilio R. Longoria


Bitcoin Searches and Preserving the Third-Party Doctrine
Christine A. Cortez

The Bumble Bill: A Critical Analysis on Texas’s New Law Taking Indecent Exposure Regulations Online
Ashley B. Huron

“We” the Jury: The Problem of Peremptory Strikes as Illustrated by Flowers v. Mississippi
Kayley A. Viteo

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Recent Content


Book Review
Roberto Rosas


Standards of Review in Texas
W. Wendell Hall and Ryan G. Anderson


Insurance Appraisal in Texas and Its Place in Coverage Litigation
Brendan K. McBride, William J. Chriss, and Matthew R. Pearson


Domestic Asset Tracing and Recovery of Hidden Assets and the Spoils of Financial Crime
Nathan Wadlinger, Carl Pacini, Nicole Stowell, William Hopwood, and Debra Sinclair


David Crump