St. Mary's Law Journal

St. Mary's Law Journal

Current Issue: Volume 51, Number 3


The Army’s G-RAP Fiasco: How the Lives and Careers of Hundreds of Innocent Soldiers Were Destroyed
Jeffrey F. Addicott

Ethical and Aggressive Appellate Advocacy: The Decision to Petition for Certiorari in Criminal Cases
J. Thomas Sullivan


Disappearing Act: Are Free Speech Rights Decreasing?
Michael Conklin


Beat the Heat: Texas’s Need to Reduce Summer Temperatures in Offender Housing
Mary E. Adair

Wayfair or No Fair: Revisiting Internet Sales Tax Nexus and Consequences in Texas
Jennifer Mendez Lopez

The Right Stuff in Geospace: Using Mutual Coercion to Avoid an Inevitable Prison for Humanity
Sarah Louise Vollmer

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Roberto Rosas


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W. Wendell Hall and Ryan G. Anderson


Insurance Appraisal in Texas and Its Place in Coverage Litigation
Brendan K. McBride, William J. Chriss, and Matthew R. Pearson


Domestic Asset Tracing and Recovery of Hidden Assets and the Spoils of Financial Crime
Nathan Wadlinger, Carl Pacini, Nicole Stowell, William Hopwood, and Debra Sinclair


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