A thesis completed by Electronic Resources Librarian - Katherine Thonen

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42 pages

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Spring 2024


There is ample research and information on why reading aloud to children is an important part of literature development, however, there is little research on how adults should go about the reading. This paper examines script analysis techniques used by performers that can be used by children’s librarians and other non-professional readers as literary analysis designed to inform how to infuse a read-aloud session with an engaging performance. There is little research in this area, so this paper is an initial look into the issue and offers suggestions based on the experience of a former children's librarian with a theatre performance background. It draws on literature and script analysis techniques to offer performance suggestions and begin a discussion of how to read to children in an engaged and engaging manner during Storytime sessions.

Keywords: Children's librarianship, early childhood literacy, literature analysis, performance

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Children's literature; Oral reading; Competence and performance (Linguistics)

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