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January 1992


A revised edition of the original collection development policy for the Academic Library (now the Louis J. Blume Library) published in ERIC. This guide spells out the collection development policy of the library of St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. The guide is divided into the following five topic areas: (1) introduction to the community served, parameters of the collection, cooperation in collection development, and priorities of the collection; (2) considerations in collection development, including maintaining the collection, gifts, bibliographic instruction, circulation, and intellectual freedom; (3) selection of materials, including responsibility for selection, selection aids, and criteria for selection of printed materials and special formats; (4) special collections within the library, including government documents, manuscripts and rare books, juvenile literature, curriculum materials, leisure reading, and theses and dissertations; and (5) specific subject areas in the collection, including general works and 31 subject areas divided according to the Library of Congress classification system (i.e., philosophy, psychology, religion, history and geography, social sciences, statistics, economics, business, accounting, sociology, political science, international relations, law, education, music, fine arts, language, drama, literature, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biology, medicine, agriculture, technology, military science, naval science, and bibliography and library science).