EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 13: Conversation with Meera E. Deo

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 13: Conversation with Meera E. Deo



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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In this episode, we hear from Meera E. Deo, Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles. Professor Meera E. Deo, J.D., Ph.D., from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, is a national expert on legal education, racial representation, diversity, equity and inclusion, and also serves as the Director of the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) based at Indiana University-Bloomington. Professor Deo discusses the results of the research for her book, Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Academia, which examines how race and gender affect faculty and student interactions, as well as tenure/promotion, institutional support and work/life balance. Professor Deo shares her recent work building on her initial studies, research that explores the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on the legal academy, including the disproportionate challenges faced by women and faculty of color. In her role as Director of the LSSSE, she gives a preview of the troubling results forthcoming in this year's annual survey, one that is uniquely poised to provide insight into the experiences of COVID-19 law students. Professor Deo concludes with her opinions regarding what the future of legal education is likely to be, and what it should aspire to be.


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 13: Conversation with Meera E. Deo