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The legal title of “St. Mary’s University” begins in 1927. The first to be president of the university was Reverend Robert Mayl, SM, who began office in 1923 as president of Saint Mary’s College and finished his last year in 1928 as president of the university. During his term, Mayl had obtained recognition in 1925 from the Association of Texas Colleges and a state charter in 1926 as a university. Since the beginning of St. Mary’s Institute in 1852 and until the presidency of Reverend Walter Buehler (1954-1961) the administration of the school was unified with that of the Marianist religious community. This meant that the director of the religious community was ex officio the chief administrator of the school. That arrangement was practical during the years when all or most of the faculty were Marianist Brothers. By the late 1950s this arrangement was becoming anachronistic so a transition began that was completed in 2000 with the appointment of the first president who was not a Marianist. One consequence of the concurrence of the religious and academic leadership in the early years is that the records for the years before the 1950s are to be found with the Archives of the Marianist Province.


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