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Fall 2015

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This is the eighth journal for the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary's University.

"Congratulations to the scholar-authors whose work is published in this edition of the McNair Scholars Research Journal. As always, I am impressed with the diverse topics and creative work of our scholars and look forward to their future publications. These projects are, in most cases, the result of a minimum of sixteen weeks of close collaboration with a mentor who is an expert in the scholar's field of study. The opportunity to work in close concert with an accomplished mentor is a key component of the McNair Program. Mentors gave up a large portion of their summer and a significant portion of their spring semester in order to prepare scholars for these projects. Without the expertise of our mentors, scholars would not have been able to produce these high quality projects. On behalf of our scholars, it is my pleasure to dedicate this volume to their mentors." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, PhD, Director, St. Mary's University McNair Scholars Program, pg.1


Radicalism -- Songs and music; Hispanic Americans -- Cultural influence; Humanity; Hispanic Americans -- Medically uninsured persons; Communication in politics; Social responsibility of business; Color blindness; Liberation theology; Altruism; Effortful control; Food security; Women in combat -- World War, 1939-1945; Cardiopulmonary fitness; Beluga;

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Calderon, Genesis; Chavez, Crystal; Dorrycott, Alex; Garcia, Hannah; Paniagua, Eddie; Parrilla, Jose; Perez, Monica; Perez, Vanessa; Prudhomme, Joshua; Rodriguez, Billy; Ruidant, Chantelle; Sandoval, Mariana; Vallecillos, Kevin; Villarreal, Anna

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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume VIII