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Fall 2016

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This is the ninth journal for the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary's University.

""I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world." -- Rainer MAria Rilke, Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God Committing to a research topic can be joyful and painful. Some scholars struggle with finding the perfect topic without realizing that perfection is an unattainable goal. Others find so many intriguing topic that they struggle to settle on a single project. And, of course, the struggle continues as theories and hypotheses are chosen and than discarded, analysis plans are developed and found lacking, and results lead down paths not found on any known map. The results of those struggles of our 2016 McNair Scholars are found in the pages of this journal. In each case, scholars learned more than they set out to learn and accomplished more than they may have thought possible --or perhaps desirable. Our hope is that the research process served to hone scholars' skills and broaden their knowledge in a manner that will positively affect their future endeavors and the world that awaits them." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, PhD, Director, St. Mary's University McNair Scholars Program, 1


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Skin -- Cancer; Ovarian -- Cancer; Psychotherapy -- Boundaries; Sexual assault -- Statistics -- Texas; Ecosystem management; Women politicians; Emotional intelligence; Peace-building; Veterans -- Attitudes; Employment policy; Joyce, James -- 1882-1941 -- Ulysses; ISIS; Beluga; Medical care -- Access control; Preteens;

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Espinoza, Maricruz; Garcia, Lauren; Herrera, Christa; Jordan, Daisy; Liu, Genne; Mejia, Raul; Perez, Monica; Perez, Vanessa; Prudhomme, Joshua; Salinas, Ernest; Sanders, Cody; Santin, Amira; Silva, Paloma; Vallecillos, Kevin; Villarreal, Anna

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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume IX