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Fall 2012

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"In October of 2007, St. Mary’s University received the very happy news that we had been awarded our first Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program grant- and the world changed just a bit for St. Mary’s undergraduate students. The McNair Program was funded with the charge to facilitate the pursuit of graduate degrees among students traditionally underrepresented in graduate education. St. Mary’s program would be unique in that it would include students from Humanities & Social Sciences, the Bill Greehey School of Business and the school of Science, Engineering and Technology. These students would differ in many ways, but all would share a common aspiration- to join the professoriate and change the face of American higher education. This journal represents the final class of McNair scholars supported by that grant..." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, PhD, Director, St. Mary's University McNair Scholars Program


Adoption (Theology); Cetacea; Children -- Health; Newspapers -- Social Media; Autism; Children's television programs; Workplace -- Aggressiveness; Television programs -- Marketing; Gender identity in mass media; Rape as a weapon of war; Silicon -- Fractures; Business logistics; Cinco de Mayo (Mexican holiday); Complexity (Philosophy) -- Economic policy; Bone remodeling; Social responsibility of business; Allelopathy; Medical technology; Cherokee Indians -- History; Political violence; Nonprofit organizations;

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Alcala, Aracely; Alvarez, Cyndy; Arreola, Rosa; Canedo, Nicholas; Cavazos, Melina; Dunn, Joshua; Fonseca, Rose; Garcia, Celina; Guajardo, Gabriela; Hernandez, Juan; Mendoza, Marcos; Ortega, Pearl; Pacheco, Alfonso; Padilla, Samantha; Redwine, Hannah; Salazar, Katherine; Sanchez, Luis; Sosa, Jorge; Stiles, Frankie; Tavira, Roger; Trinidad, Natalie

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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume V