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Fall 2022

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This is the fifteenth journal for the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary's University.


Research is the process to discover new knowledge and, arguably, the major endeavor associated with earning a doctoral degree. While undergraduates are busy acquiring a foundation in their specific disciplines, all are in some measure focusing on the history of those areas- studying what is already known. Summer research is an opportunity for McNair Scholars to engage in the work that will comprise a majority of their doctoral experience- exploring new topics, collecting data, and building their disciplines. One might say that after many years of living in a house, now these scholars are building a house. This is an exciting experience for scholars and thrilling for their mentors and the McNair program staff to observe. This year’s journal includes offerings from scholars of different majors utilizing a variety of methodologies and exploring various unique topics. What these projects all share is the building- pushing the boundaries of what is known and opening new vistas to inquiry. We are excited to welcome you along on this journey." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro PhD - Director & Joshua A. Dunn PhD - Assistant Director




Cuevas, Azucena; Duplechain, Charlyssa; Escobedo, Lauren; Garcia, Kayla; Garza, Paul; Herrera-Miramontes, Omar; Ibarra, Grace; Martinez, Melanie; Mejia, Victorianna; Price, Jean Kallisto; Quetzeri, Vanessa; Reyna, Joel; Saldivar, Carolina; Sommer, Mary; Guerrero, Christian; Horta, Bridget

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St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Tex.)


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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume XV