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Fall 2021

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This is the fourteenth journal for the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary's University.


After yet another year of complexities, concerns, and adaptations to many changes, our Scholars have once more completed a strong summer research program! We believe Dr. Ronald McNair would be extremely proud of how students benefiting from the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary’s University have responded to unprecedented challenges. In spite of local and global challenges, these students keep their eyes set on a future which only a short time ago was unimaginable. Now, they are taking steps into a world they will lead, form, strengthen, and inspire. Please enjoy the latest work of the McNair Scholars, and keep an eye out for them in the future! It will be here before we know it." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, PhD, Director & Samadhi Metta Bexar, PhD, Assistant Director, II


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Graduate students; Noncitizen detention centers; Mexican Americans -- History; Political leadership -- Immigration; Bottlenose dolphin; Education -- Costs; Bottlenose dolphin -- Behavior; Home ownership -- Statistics -- New York; Autism in children; Racism in Education; Mass Media -- Misinformation; Killer whale -- Behavior; Heliosphere (Astrophysics)

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Cruz, Micaela; de la Parra, Rgina; Garza, Paul; Herrera-Miramontes, Omar; Horta, Bridget; Ibarra, Grace; Magee, Andrew; Ortega Rodriguez, Eric; Price, Jean Kallisto; Quetzeri, Vanessa; Jimenez, Jennifer Saldana; Sandoval, Irene; Vanover, Zoe

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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume XIV