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Fall 2018

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This is the eleventh journal for the McNair Scholars Program at St. Mary's University.

"Research is the product of creativity, ingenuity, study, and very hard work. The results of our scholars' work with their mentors are in this journal. As students continue to explore their fields, each will expand academic skills to contribute to the larger work of scholarly research. Thanks are due to the mentors and staff, as well as families, who work with our scholars and encourage them to excel. All of us are grateful for your support and time spent with our McNair Scholars." Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, PhD, Director & Samadhi Metta Bexar, PhD, Assistant Director, I


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Security (Psychology); Electromechanical devices -- Equipment and supplies; Narcissism; Beluga; Bottlenose dolphin; Evaluation; Fracture mechanics; Rape in literature; Women prisoners; Biochemistry; Machine Learning; Racism; Ability -- Testing -- Texas; Twins in motion pictures; Church work with prisoners; Hispanic American college students

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Aguilar, Gabriela Acquino; Buelna, Cristian; Carrillo, Alejandro; Contreras, Ashley; Guerra, Gonzalo; Lucero, Jacqueline; Mendoza, Brain; Morales, Ashleigh; Padron, Jennifer; Quintero, Crystalrose; Reyes, Gabriel; Reyes, Gisela; Robledo, Anthony; Salazar, Kimberly; Villarreal, Sadie; Zapata, Ashley

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St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Tex.)


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McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume XI