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This Comment examines different practical applications of the Creed and addresses the courts’ use of the Creed as a guide for desired ethical conduct. Additionally, this Comment includes an appendix of cases in which courts have cited the Creed and incorporates a survey of prominent individuals in the legal profession, including individuals who were instrumental in drafting or adopting the Creed.

Part III provides a historical background, detailing the increased incivility within the legal profession and the need for the profession to confront internally the incivility. Understanding the environment that gave birth to the Creed and the profession’s drive to organize formal responses to curtail the unethical behavior of attorneys illuminates the Creed’s purpose. Part IV explores the promulgation of the Creed, what the drafters hoped to achieve, and briefly analyzes the Creed’s provisions. Part V discusses the Creed’s evolution, specifically focusing on how the Creed was initially received and the opposition it has encountered. Part VI summarizes the Creed’s integration by the judiciary and the legal profession. Part VII provides a current perspective of the Creed from prominent members of the legal community.

This Comment concludes with the profession’s ability to uphold a high level of civility and professionalism and proposes recommendations for the Creed’s future use.