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This Article discusses the visual legal advocacy documentary film, Collared, by Garrick Apollon (author of this Article). Collared premiered in fall 2018 to a sold-out audience at the Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto for the Hot Docs for Continuing Professional Education edutainment initiative. Collared features the story and reveals the testimony of a convicted ex-insider trader who is still struggling with the tragic consequences of “the most prolonged insider trading scheme ever discovered by American and Canadian securities investigators.” The intimate insights shared by former lawyer and reformed white-collar criminal, Joseph Grmovsek, serves as a painful reminder of the unattended human consequences and gravity of insider trading that is too often perceived as a victimless crime. This Article explains how Collared, as a legal advocacy film, can be a game-changer for education and prevention of white-collar crime, such as insider trading. Collared is presented as a film case study that is followed by a post-screening discussion panel about insider trading prevention and risk mitigation measures for legal and business professionals. The combination of the film and panel provides an accredited CLE/CPE program. This Article focuses on visual legal advocacy as a tool to promote professional ethics to professionals and students. This Article also argues that ethics can be more effectively understood through storytelling to illustrate how ethical decision-making can impact someone’s life, and how the line between ethical and unethical decision-making can be complex, confusing, and become blurred over time.