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Root, Bradley

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Langston, Camille



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Fashion; Feminism


Fashion and feminism have been connected for a couple of decades in the history of the United States. However, they are often looked at separately by historians. Many historians focus on the history and evolution of fashion while others research and analyze the feminist movements throughout the United States. The current state of the field for a focus on the relationship between feminism and fashion is minimal in regard to the United States. The focus lies on either fashion or feminism and not the relationship between the two. My thesis, however, focuses on the relationship between fashion and feminism and how the feminist movement in the United States used fashion as a catalyst and method to showcase change. My research begins in the 1960s, during the second wave of feminism, and continues until the 1980s, which falls at the end of the second wave and the beginning of the third wave of feminism. Using my research, my thesis showcases the dynamic between fashion and feminism and directly links fashion as an instrument of change in the feminist movements.

Publication Date

Spring 2024

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