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James, Barclay

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Langston, Camille



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World citizenship; World Bank; International Finance Corporation; Investments, Foreign


Supranational organizations, such as the World Bank, associate with member countries from across the world that cede an aspect of their authority and sovereignty. 137 countries partner with supranational organizations for the purpose of seeking benefits whether financially, militarily, or politically. Without understanding the effectiveness of supranational organizations, international communities risk becoming negatively impacted through the means of inaccurate support via financial aid through investment projects. This study analyzes the relationship between investment project success and support with supranational organizations. This paper proposes that bilateral support and multilateral support in collaboration with supranational organizations reveals a positive correlation when partnering together rather than investment projects that do not partner. Support for this proposition is found from 4,273 investment projects from 137 countries. The database examined was taken from the Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) 2022 annual report provided by the World Bank. The application of this study is to illustrate the effectiveness of supranational entities in terms of investment project success through the means of bilateral and multilateral support to provide a more insightful view to foreign aid in investment projects.

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Spring 2024

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