Martin Beirne

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Martinez, Guillermo



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eSports (Contests); eSports (Contests) -- Recruiting; High technology industries; Business planning

Abstract is a startup online recruitment platform within the scholastic esports scene that seeks to unite esports prospects with collegiate esports programs in an effective manner. Currently, there is a large divide that high school and transfer esports prospects must navigate through, and it is Objective.GG’s mission to build a bridge over that gap. seeks to accomplish its mission by operating an online platform that allows prospects and collegiate coaches to create their own profiles and connect with one another, building a community around the platform in the process. This platform will be accessible to both prospects and coaches by offering a free tier with basic features such as a short bio and the ability to list esports relevant experience and accomplishments, but additional features such as a longer bio and direct messaging capability will be offered through a subscription-based model with two additional pricing tiers to choose from. The online platform will also be supported by free online tournaments and paid in-person tournaments for platform users, paving the way for increasing community growth and development alongside the online platform, social media channels, and strategic partnerships with gaming brands and LAN centers across the country. Through’s three core values of transparency, connection, and community, defines success not only through a monetary lens, but also by showcasing prospects and programs as people and adding value to the blooming scholastic esports scene.

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Spring 2024

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