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Lehmen-Meyer, Katherine

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Langston, Camille

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Self-consciousness (Awareness); Interpersonal communication; Enneagram


By combining a theoretical framework and existing research to the results of an original study, the Enneagram system and its impact on the self-awareness and self-perceived interpersonal communication among college students is analyzed. Conducted within the context of a Communication Studies Senior Capstone class focused on curriculum for career development, the study examines the Enneagram Assessment experience of 18 students at St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas. The effectiveness of the assigned Enneagram Assessment was evaluated through the students' feedback, specifically in regards to their self-perceptions and understanding of their own communication styles. Results revealed that most students found the Enneagram to accurately reflect their personalities, increased their self-awareness of personality and communication styles, though an immediate change in communication patterns was not recognized. This research suggests that embracing self-assessment tools like the Enneagram into educational and workplace environments may deepen self-awareness and improve soft skills, thus promoting effective interpersonal communication and personal growth. The study also highlights the need for further research to examine long-term impacts and comparative effectiveness with other self-assessment tools.

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Winter 12-2023

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