Diego Mullin

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First Advisor

K. Matthew Gilley, Ph.D

Second Advisor

Robert Boyd Skipper, Ph.D

LCSH subject

Social responsibility of business; Business & Economics -- Industrial Management; Business & Economics -- Organizational Behavior


In recent years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been growing in popularity. Companies that do not engage in CSR or that engage in CSR incorrectly can face scrutiny and lose competitiveness. The current study will analyze CSR initiatives and communications in the context of the contemporary social environment, and how they can benefit or harm a company. This will be achieved by reviewing CSR motivations and communication methods through examining these factors in examples of actual CSR efforts by organizations. The purpose of this study is to provide recommendations on how to strategically approach CSR management and communications to maintain a responsible, effective, and authentic presence.

Publication Date

Spring 2-20-2023

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