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Eduardo Dargent Chamot

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Ricardo Palma, Peru, St. Mary's University, special collections, Brother William R. Wilder, Louis J. Blume Library, Peruvian literature, El Diablo, University of San Carlos, Tradiciones peruanas, Manuel Ricardo Palma Soriano, Eduardo Dargent Chamot

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Ricardo Palma (1833-1919) was a literary figure in Peru as well as a leader in culture and politics. He played a role in the War of the Pacific (1879-1883), in the rebuilding of the National Library of Peru destroyed in that war, and in the founding of the Peruvian Academy of Language. His principal work, the Tradiciones Peruanas, was read widely throughout Iberian America and influenced writing styles. The Wilder/Dargent Collection assembles all of the published writings of Palma, either as facsimiles of first editions or as later republications. Added to this is a gathering of scholarly and journalistic writing on the Palma legacy during the century after his death.

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