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The inclusion of spirit in the law is necessary because the exclusion of the spirit from the law separates the law from its dynamic source of animation. The inclusion of the spirit or spirituality with the law will better allow the United States to craft laws and policies designed to address undocumented workers and illegal aliens.

Even Socrates wrote about the separation of spirit and the law when he wrote about the Nomoi and the Furies; however, he also discussed his Daemon, an inner voice enters into dialogue with the Nomoi, the law. This inner voice that was essential for Socrates is absent from the law today and must be restored. The spirit is necessary to enter into discourse about the law, especially as related to undocumented workers and illegal aliens.

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Emily Fowler Hartigan, Law’s Alienation: Furies and Nomoi and Bears (And Nuns), 81 Marq. L. Rev. 473 (1998).

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