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When concerns of race, gender, and orientation intersect with the Catholic faith and church, the interaction can prove painful and difficult. Experiences of feeling judged or condemned ricochet between camps, the members of each desperate to defend that which they feel is inherent to them, to their identities and self-understanding. But despite the damage that Catholicism can and has inflicted by its striction and history, it retains a mode of outreach to the disaffected—La Virgen, dark and female and still only just coming to be understood. She is controversial and always subject to attempts at political manipulation, but she is also one who would have been both present and ironically active in gatherings of those who attend the dispossessed, critique the powers that be, and value stories, as she must have been at the conference of LatCrit II at the Center for Legal and Social Justice of St. Mary’s School University of Law.

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Emily Fowler Hartigan, Disturbing the Peace, 19 Chicano-Latino L. Rev. 479 (1998).

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