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Michael Ariens’ new book, The Lawyer’s Conscience: A History of American Lawyer Ethics, is a monumental work, rooted in his decades of excellent scholarship in the fields of attorney professional responsibility and legal history. The Lawyer’s Conscience captures the great sweep and key features of the roughly 250-year period in American legal ethics running from colonial times to the present day. Richly detailed and vividly presented, the story takes the reader on a grand tour of the landmark events and changing ideas that have defined the aspirations, responsibilities, and accountability of members of the American legal profession.

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Vincent R. Johnson, Ethical Lawyering: The Role of Honor, Conscience, and Codes (reviewing Michael S. Ariens, The Lawyer’s Conscience: A History of American Lawyer Ethics), 13 St. Mary's J. on Legal Malpractice & Ethics 172 (2023).



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