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All of Texas was once part of Mexico. Texas has never forgotten it. This is the historical basis for much of the Texas Latino population's struggle for equal educational opportunities. This article will discuss those struggles endured by the Latino population in their quest for equal educational opportunity from the time of Texas's entry into the Union in 1845 to present-with greater emphasis on the last half century. In each Section, I will briefly describe the history of discrimination against Mexican- Americans in that segment of education history and the relationship between the developments in that segment of education history with the development of other educational issues. More specifically, I will discuss the history of Latino segregation in public schools – interdistrict, intradistrict, as well as in-school discrimination. Then I will describe the role of the Latino population in the quest for school finance equity and the effect of the inequities in school finance on their educational struggle.

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Albert H. Kauffman, Latino Education in Texas: A History of Systematic Recycling Discrimination, 50 St. Mary's L.J. 861 (2019).



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