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As a property law professor, I have lately found myself thinking a lot about privacy rights. Initially, the two topics (property and privacy) perhaps do not seem closely related, but I think they are—or, at least, I think the tie between the two is becoming much more pronounced and important, as modern life becomes ever more techno-centric. specifically, I think that privacy rights are, at this point, essentially an outgrowth of property rights. That is, one's right to privacy is dependent on what we traditionally view as one's property rights. At least, I think this is the current state of the law, given the extent to which behemoth tech companies have created and dominated modern communication-and the ability and right to profit from that communication—and have almost wholly eliminated all traditional concepts of privacy and rights thereto.

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Chad J. Pomeroy, If You Don't Care, Who Will?, 49 Hofstra L. Rev. 1015 (2021).



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