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Judge Phillip S. Figa lived a life that is rich in consequence, and our country is a better place because of his labors. President George W. Bush nominated Judge Figa to the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. The nomination "breezed" through the Senate, and confirmation occurred in October 2003. Attached to his reading glasses case, on his judicial bench, Judge Figa kept a list of five simple principles.

That he gave himself a constant reminder of these principles as he sat on the bench shows his resolve to fulfill those expectations himself. Judge Figa was extremely outgoing and participated in a wide variety of professional activities. In addition to his passion for the law and his law practice, Judge Figa felt strongly about giving back to his community. Tragically, Judge Figa's tenure came to a premature end. He was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor in March 2007, at the young age of fifty-five, after having served only a few years on the bench. On January 5, 2008, he lost his short battle with cancer.

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Ramona L. Lampley, In Memoriam: The Honorable Judge Philip S. Figa (1951-2008), 86 Denv. U.L. Rev. 851 (2009).

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