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From British soldier Flora Sandes to the fame World War II Night Witches of the Soviet Air Force, women across the globe stepped up to defend their countries during every major and minor conflict of the twentieth century, and filmmakers have long attempted to capture their stories.

This book analyzes real and fictional military women's portrayals in world cinema, including movies from Israel, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, France, the Soviet Union, and others. It includes theatrical releases, direct-to-video productions, and made-for-television films.

Chapters, organized by decade, address topics including the women's sexuality, maternal and marital status, leadership skills, actual jobs performed, and the accuracy of depiction. The book also discusses how each film reflects the contemporary social issues of the nations in which it was produced.

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Military Women in World Cinema: A 20th Century History and Filmography © 2023 Deborah A. Deacon and Stacy Fowler by permission of McFarland.



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