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In When Machines Can Be Judge, Jury, and Executioner, former federal judge Katherine Forrest raises concerns over the pervasive use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the American justice system to produce risks and need assessments (RNA) regarding the probability of recidivism for citizens charged with a crime. Forrest’s argument centers on AI’s primary focus on utilitarian outcomes when assessing liberty for individual citizens. This approach leads Forrest to the conclusion that in its current form, AI is “ill-suited to the criminal justice context.” Forrest contends that AI should instead be programmed to focus on John Rawl’ 'concept of justice as fairness, the expectation that “certain natural rights will be protected at an individual level.”

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Stacy Fowler, When Machines Can Be Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Justice in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (book review), 115 Law Libr. J. 312 (2023).



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