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What new constitutional rights does the American Legal system have to offer? The United States Constitution is a document that continues to be interpreted every year. The Supreme Court hears recent cases with the purpose of interpreting the meaning of the Constitution. Since the creation of the Supreme Court, the Constitution has been analyzed in different ways – some interpretations lasting decades and some amendments going through changes depending on the different ideologies of the Justices on the Court.

This article discusses some of the rights established by the Supreme Court from 2016 to 2019 and provides the background as to what led and influenced the evolution of such rights. Some of the most recent evolutions that have been decided by the Supreme Court include topics on: 1) travel restrictions, 2) digital privacy, 3) refusing services based on religious beliefs, 4) limiting dissemination on information about abortion, 5) double jeopardy, 6) detention of certain noncitizens with criminal records, 7) limiting voting rolls, 8) gerrymandering, and 9) affirmative action plans in university decisions.

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Roberto Rosas, Evolution of Legal Topics, Rights and Obligations in the United States, 8 RUSSIAN J. COMPAR. L. 17 (2021).