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Sexual assault on college campuses remains an epidemic. As universities attempt to handle Title IX complaints regarding sexual misconduct, they must protect the academic environment and integrity of their schools. Since athletes are three times more likely to be accused of sexual assault than non-athletes, and schools have historically mishandled complaints against athletes, the proposed guidelines in this Article provide an equitable approach for determining when an athlete should be removed from his team based on accusations of a Title IX violation. The guidelines are based on the newly implemented Title IX regulations and take into account the interests and biases of the schools, athletes, and victims, limit the discretion of the schools in deciding when to remove an athlete from his team, and send an unequivocal message to the rest of the university and student body that providing a safe academic environment for all students is more important than the school’s athletic profits and success

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David A. Grenardo, An Intersection of Gender, Race, and Sports: Guidelines for Universities Determining Whether Athletes Accused of Title IX Violations Should be Removed from Their Teams, 9 Berkley J. Ent. & Sports L. 41 (2020).

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