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Houston Law Review: Off the Record





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Fall 2014


The misconception that the Texas legal system is equivalent to the “Wild West” casts an unflattering and inaccurate picture of civility in the legal profession of Texas. Efforts to increase and sustain civility in Texas are growing and flourishing. Texas has made great strides in promoting and infusing civility into the legal profession. The Supreme Court of Texas, the State Bar of Texas, local Inns of Court, and the Texas Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates are leading the movement to add civility into many aspects of the legal profession.

Although efforts to promote civility in Texas are extensive, there can and should be more done in Texas to further civility. Law schools and the Supreme Court of Texas can lead the way and implement programs and even civility rules that will help teach students and young lawyers about the tangible benefits of civility and the dire consequences of incivility. Texas must continue to be vigilant in upholding and increasing civility into the legal profession.

Recommended Citation

David A. Grenardo, An Uprising of Civility in Texas, 5 HLRe. 1 (2014)(online).



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