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Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics





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Spring 2019


The inherent importance of civility in the legal profession necessitates teaching civility by law schools. This Article demonstrates how civility applies to advocacy and the practice of law, the efficiency of our justice system, lawyer well-being, obtaining a job and professional identity formation, and public confidence in the legal system. The Article can assist courts, attorneys, and professors in understanding civility and its significance. Most critically, this Article provides a turnkey lesson plan for law schools on civility that professors can employ in a variety of classes including, among others, Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, and Constitutional Law. Teaching law students the importance of how to interact civilly with others, particularly opposing counsel, can help a law student enjoy a long and satisfying legal career while avoiding the negative consequences of incivility, which can inhibit and stain an attorney's career.

Recommended Citation

David A. Grenardo, A Lesson in Civility, 32 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 135 (2019).



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