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California Western Law Review





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Spring 2019


One of the factors that is often cited as a key reason why President Donald J. Trump was elected as the forty-fifth president, was his pledge to the American people to "make America great again" by appointing "conservative judges" to the bench, particularly when it came to filling any vacancies that might open on the United States Supreme Court. Since the never ending fight for securing an ideological majority on the Supreme Court is always viewed with great concern by both political parties, many wondered whether then candidate Trump was simply telling potential voters what they wanted to hear, or if he would actually keep his word. In turn, others pondered exactly what Trump-a former Democrat now Republican from New York-meant by the word conservative. As the Trump Administration is now well past its midpoint, the firmly stated promises of then candidate Trump in this regard can be measured against a factual record of accomplishment.

Recommended Citation

Jeffrey F. Addicott, Reshaping American Jurisprudence in the Trump Era - The Rise of Originalist Judges, 55 Cal. W. L. Rev. 341 (2019).