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In May of 1995, a democracy building project between The Judge Advocate General of Ukraine and United States Army lawyers was completed in Kiev. Over the course of this eight-month project, from September 1994 to May 1995, United States Army judge advocates from the International and Operational Law Division, Office of The Judge Advocate General, worked directly with Colonel Alexander Bokov, Chief, Legal Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in developing a legal training handbook for Ukrainian soldiers.

The handbook, entitled “Code of Conduct for Participants in Military Operations,” now serves as the primary training guide for instructing Ukrainian soldiers in the basics of law of war, human rights, and professional ethics. With a standardized training handbook that is truly its own, a legal department trained to teach law of war and human rights, and an armed force that regularly receives such training, the Ukrainian armed forces now have a solid methodology for continuing the institutionalizing of the law of war and human rights.

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Jeffrey F. Addicott, Legal Training Handbook for the Ukrainian Military, Army Law. 60 (Jul. 1995).



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