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The Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC) has recently undertaken two significant initiatives. These initiatives are designed to enhance human rights training at the United States Army School of the Americas (SOA). First, in August of 1994, an Army judge advocate, Major Dennis Cruz-Perez, was assigned to a field grade officer staff position at the SOA. Second, the International and Operational Law Division, Office of The Judge Advocate General, has developed a new three-hour block of instruction designed to teach students how to conduct and institutionalize human rights training in their own militaries..

The development of a new block of instruction that demonstrates to students how human rights can be institutionalized in a military clearly signals a new and dynamic approach to human rights training. Coupled with the addition of a full-time judge advocate to the SOA staff, this initiative signals a clear commitment to place human rights training in the forefront of the curriculum provided by the School of the Americas.

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Jeffrey F. Addicott, Recent Army JAG Corps Initiatives to Enhance Human Rights, Army Law. 45 (Dec. 1994).



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