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For law students contemplating employment with large law firms, it is helpful to consider the advantages of working at a large law firm, what to expect, how to succeed, and how to make partner. A number of attributes make big law firms attractive to students, including salaries, bonuses, and opportunities for future employment after large law firm life, such as potential in-house positions and other prestigious employment.

Law students who are looking for a steady, stable income, a tremendous resume builder or a career, and are ready to work extremely hard may enjoy working at a large law firm. Nevertheless, there is a price for everything, and individuals considering employment at large law firms must recognize their responsibility to follow their own moral compass and avoid being consumed by money or power.

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David A. Grenardo, Why Should I Become An Associate At A Large Law Firm? And If I Do, Then What Should I Expect And How Do I Succeed?, 41 Rᴜᴛɢᴇʀs L. Rᴇc. 65 (2014)(online).

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