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Law librarians are often asked by law students and even practicing attorneys, “How do I begin a career in foreign and international law practice?” The student or attorney asking this question frequently is seeking recommendations for books, articles, or other information resources on the topic. The same situation arises in a law school’s career services office. For these reasons, a guide has been compiled to help law librarians and placement officials assist individuals who are interested in pursuing career opportunities in foreign and international law practice.

This guide is divided into four sections: Perspectives on International Law Practice, Membership Organizations, International Law Studies, and Job-Finding Sources and Tools. All resources listed in the guide are accompanied by brief annotations to help the user determine the scope of coverage of each resource and how it is to be used. The materials contained within the guide will offer some insightful, practical perspectives on what it is like to be an international lawyer, what international legal work involves, and what skills and education are required to secure a position in international law.

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Robert H. Hu, A Guide to Resources on Careers in Foreign and International Law, 93 Law Libr. J. 479 (2001).

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