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The transition from law student to seasoned attorney can be prolonged and stressful. The evolution can be painfully dispiriting, but there are ways to transform a potentially grueling struggle for sustenance into a genuine labor of love. The sources stem from divergent roots, both Eastern—Buddhist with pinches of Hindu—and Western—ranging from Platonic to perhaps the moronic. Eastern visions and Western voices may be a catalyst in spawning ideas on creating joy and fulfillment in the valley of law.

Moving from law student to practitioner is an odyssey, both perplexing and potentially fatal. Becoming a lawyer in fact as well as in license entails exploring terrain that seems alluring, alarming, and indisputably foreign. Students will always face pressures to succumb to fear, anger, and greed, but each student has the internal resources to remain brave, joyous, and caring while tilling soil in the valley of law.

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John W. Teeter, Jr., Eastern Visions, Western Voices: A Sermon on Love in the Valley of Law, 53 Clev. St. L. Rev. 429 (2006).

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