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For the appellate lawyer, bridging the gap between theoretical foundation and practical application is an important challenge. An attorney who is unable to bring these two notions together is only partially effective as an advocate. Without a firm theoretical foundation that embraces both the law and policy that underlie the lawyer’s argument, the substance of the appellate advocate’s position will not persuade the court effectively. Similarly, without having mastered the practical side of appellate advocacy, the lawyer will be ineffective in communicating the substance of the argument altogether.

This Symposium provides the appellate specialist and non-appellate attorney alike with a groundwork to begin bridging these and other theoretical and practical gaps by discerning fundamental issues that are central to each client’s case. The Symposium addresses not only the art of appellate advocacy, but the groundwork that must be laid before an appeal. Those who have contributed to this Symposium intend for all participants to benefit from the materials contained herein, and hope that all attorneys will continue to appreciate the importance of the appellate process in the American legal system’s dispute resolution process.

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Bill Piatt, Appellate Law in the New Millennium: Bridging Theoretical Foundation with Practical Application (Foreward), 30 St. Mary’s L.J. 987 (1999).

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