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Dean Ernest A. Raba was instrumental in establishing and building St. Mary’s University School of Law during his thirty-two year tenure as Dean of the Law School. He obtained accreditation for the law school from the American Bar Association and membership in the Association of American Law Schools. He obtained financing for three new buildings with the help of Governor John Connally, and then President Johnson. He also started the framework for $7.5 million grant from the Sarita Kenedy East Foundation for a new law library, and a new faculty building was named in his honor. In 1967, he helped establish the St. Mary’s Law Journal. By his singular efforts, he led the law school out of the wilderness into the promised land.

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Aloysius A. Leopold, A Tribute to Ernest A. Raba, Dean (1946 – 1978), St. Mary’s University School of Law, 40 St. Mary’s L.J. 3 (2008).

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