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The symbiosis between law and morality has played a major role in universities since their formation and is critical to our moral and legal future. Each is dependent on the other, and an attempt to separate the two will seal the fate of our society as a whole. The Catholic law school must ensure that this symbiosis is never broken, but is fulfilled by incorporating relevant new courses and by teaching present classes in light of the Catholic message. Further, Catholic defense clinics should be offered to enrich the lives of others, and priests and nuns should be made available to assist the spiritual growth of students.

However, the pervasive attitude in today's Catholic law schools not only ignores the Catholic heritage, but also rejects the religious reasoning underpinning the law. As a result, today's lawyers are robbed of a full understanding of the law and its origins. Nurturing young lawyers' moral development should be the business of Catholic law schools to ensure a future of fair, equitable, and just laws.

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Aloysius A. Leopold, The Lord in the Law: Reflections on a Catholic Law School, 25 St. Mary’s L.J 385 (1993).

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