EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 66: Conversation with Anthony Page

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 66: Conversation with Anthony Page



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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In today’s episode, we welcome Dean Antony Page, the third dean of the Florida International University College of Law, a position he has held since the Summer of 2018. He shares with us his unconventional path to the deanship, his background as a professor, his public and private sector background, and how he served as a diplomat in the Canadian foreign service. ean Page tells us about the diversity of FIU and how FIU is plurality Hispanic, majority minority not to mention that roughly half of the student population are the first in their family to have graduated from a four-year college, making them first-generation law students. He also shares with us the law path program, which started in the Summer of 2018, student wellness, and some secrets on FIU’s success in bar preparation and passage. Furthermore, Dean Page shares FIU’s international law commission fellowships, which he started with professor Charles Jalloh several years ago, where students are sent to serve as fellows or externs at the International Law Commission in Geneva. He discusses his predictions on legal education, which are a focus on skill, and a lot less memorizing doctrine. He also tells us that he would like to see changes in the regulators and more experimentation from their end


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 66: Conversation with Anthony Page