EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 61: Conversation with Felicia Epps

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 61: Conversation with Felicia Epps



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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Today’s episode welcomes Felicia Epps, Dean, and Professor of Law at the University of North Texas Dallas College of Law. Dean Epps talks to us about UNT Dallas College of Law, the newest and 10th law school in Texas, and the newest ABA accredited law school in the country [at the time of recording, they were provisionally approved; since then, they received the outstanding news that they are fully accredited!]. UNT Dallas College of Law accepted its first class in 2014 and was provisionally approved in 2017. Dean Epps shares with us the commitment at the law school to first-generation students, diversity, non-traditional and underrepresented students, and practical skills. Dean Epps shares her background as a Marine and how those skills transfer to her deanship at UNT Dallas College of Law and to her professional identity. Dean Epps also tells us details about the class she used to teach on the death penalty and the new course she is working on putting together next year regarding court etiquette and what to do and not do in court. We also learn about the 3 jail cells in the law school building, one of which was occupied by Lee Harvey Oswald after he shot President Kennedy. Finally, she shares with us how she thinks legal education will continue to evolve over the coming decade, which she believes will include increased emphasis on practical skills, and more diversity in the legal profession, so that lawyers look more like the communities they serve.


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 61: Conversation with Felicia Epps