EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 58: Conversation with Michael Waterstone

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 58: Conversation with Michael Waterstone



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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In today's episode, we welcome Michael Waterstone, who was appointed the 18th Dean and Senior Vice-President of Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles in June of 2016. Dean Waterstone shares his path to the deanship and the values that resonate with him at Loyola Marymount, including the commitment to experimental education and teaching, the commitment to meaningful outcomes, staying ahead of the curve in the way they teach and who they teach, and their commitment to social justice. Dean Waterstone shares that a part of Loyola Marymount's learning outcomes include learning about systemic inequality, and how their clinics are a visible manifestation of their commitment to social justice. One example includes the success for one clinic client, Andrew Wilson, who had served 32 years in jail for a crime he did not commit, and through the clinic's efforts was released. In under an hour Mr. Wilson was on their campus wearing a Loyola T-shirt, surrounded by his team of student attorneys. You will also learn about the part-time legal education program at Loyola Marymount, which follows a boot camp format. Dean Waterstone shares his scholarship in disability law and the fantastic things they are doing at Loyola in their dedication to disability law. He concludes with his predictions for the future of legal education, which he believes will transform how institutions make progress on creating student populations that better serve and reflect the communities in which they live.


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 58: Conversation with Michael Waterstone