EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 56: Conversation with Jeffrey Lowe

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 56: Conversation with Jeffrey Lowe



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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This episode of EdUp Legal includes two partners from the #1 ranked legal search firm in the United States, Major, Lindsey & Africa. Major, Lindsey & Africa is a global navigator for lawyers at any stage of their career, and includes today's guests, Jeffrey Lowe, Global Practice Leader and Law Firm Practice Managing Partner of the Washington D.C. office, and Ru Bhatt, Partner in the New York Associate Practice Group. Partners Lowe and Bhatt discuss the hiring in the legal market during the pandemic, and predict what we are likely to see in the near term. They share advice for law students and lawyers on maximizing their success in the job market, explain the necessity of networking, and discuss their new partnership with BarBri, that will offer law students with practical, real-world guidance on beginning and navigating their legal careers, including live webinars such as “10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Practice Area” and “Navigating and Preparing for OCI." Listen to some fun facts as well, including the "I knew him when" story of how Jeffrey and I know each other, and Rhu's pro bono work fundraising for local and national LGBTQ+ and Asian American charity organizations by serving on their board, as a volunteer, and as a renowned DJ!


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 56: Conversation with Jeffrey Lowe