EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 48: Conversation with Laura Frederick

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 48: Conversation with Laura Frederick



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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Laura Frederick is the Managing Attorney of Laura Frederick Law PLLC in Austin, Texas, and the Founder and President of How to Contract. Laura has 25 years of experience helping clients with their business contracts and technology agreements. She spent ten years as a technology transactions attorney, including five years at Morrison & Foerster. She spent 14 years working at technology and energy companies, including Tesla, SolarCity, Hanwha Q CELLS, and PPL Corporation, all of which convinced her that more professional training was needed in the nuances of commercial contracting. Her LinkedIn daily contract tips led to the creation of How to Contract, and the publication of her bestselling book in late 2020, “Practical Tips on How to Contract: Techniques and Tactics from an Ex-BigLaw and Ex-Tesla Commercial Contracts” — that has sold over 3,000 copies. Since then, the book has been embraced by several law schools and law school professors. Learn more about this lawyer turned entrepreneur, the How to Contract platform, the daily LinkedIn tips, Laura's book and its fun cartoons, and some of the best contract drafting tips for law students and lawyers on today's episode.


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 48: Conversation with Laura Frederick