EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 19: Conversation with Michael Madison

EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 19: Conversation with Michael Madison



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EdUp Legal Podcast with Host Patty Roberts

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In this episode, we hear from Professor Michael Madison from University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Michael Madison, Professor of Law and John E. Murray Faculty Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, describes the innovative work he and colleagues across the globe are doing with a virtual think that focuses on the futures of professions, globalization, and higher education, called Future Law Works. This initiative is complemented by Professor Madison's Future Law Podcast, which explores rapid changes to the law and the legal profession, including the intersectionality of contemporary technology. These innovations helped inspire the Future Law Project at Pittsburgh School of Law, interdisciplinary research, scholarship, collaborations, and convening initiative which serves as a forum for leadership conversations about ongoing transformations in the future of law as a field of expertise and information, and as a source and expression of social order and law as political, economic, and cultural infrastructure, again, amid massive changes to economic, technological, and geographic conditions. Professor Madison concludes by sharing his thoughts about the evolving role of lawyers that will complement the future of legal automation.


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EdUp Legal Podcast, Episode 19: Conversation with Michael Madison