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Master of Arts (MA)

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Spring 2023



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Bible -- N.T. -- John -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.; Bible -- N.T. -- John -- Theology

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1390455607 (OCLC)


St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Tex.)

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Gray, Allison L.

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Whipple, Karri L.


Various themes of the Fourth Gospel have been explored by scholars. The exploration of its concept of mission and worship is also present. However, the missionary method and its inseparability from worship have not been examined adequately. This thesis examines this unique feature of the Gospel in three major sections. First, the Catholic Church’s contemporary teaching on mission is reviewed based on Ad Gentes (AG) and Redemptoris Missio (RM), which offer the core teaching. The findings show the ad extra missionary praxis is inspired by the s Gospels (AG) while RM shows a move towards ad intra missionary praxis inspired by the Fourth Gospel. Second, the Fourth Gospel is examined in its historical context and for theological content. The historical context study shows the evangelist’s missionary style (inward) in responding to his historical situation. The inward missionary method and model (friendship) condensed from the historical examination is applied to a close reading of John 17 to show the inseparability and mutual nourishment of mission and worship in the Gospel. Third, an application of John’s Gospel to the Christian community of today is examined. The Ge’ez rite v liturgy reflects John’s Gospel, i.e., its liturgy incorporates mission in worship as essential and integral. The mission of the Fourth Gospel is distinctively inward, and a response to the text is observable in the Ge’ez rite liturgical worship.

Keywords: inward, mission, worship, friendship, Fourth Gospel, Johannine community, Ser’ate Qeddasie, Ge’ez rite

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