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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Marital psychotherapy; Family psychotherapy; Marital quality -- India; Divorce -- Psychological aspects -- India; Intimate partner violence -- India

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St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Tex.)

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Tubbs, Carolyn Y.


The increasing number of divorces and domestic violence in Kerala, India points out the need to assess marital quality among couples in Kerala. The lack of assessment tools in the native language prevents evaluating Malayali couples' marital relationships. The purpose of the proposed study was to examine couples' marital quality in Kerala and validate the translated Marital Adjustment Questionnaire (MAQ) and Marital Quality Scale (MQS), the M-MAQ and the M-MQS, respectively. The instruments were translated into Malayalam through a forward and backward translation. A quantitative survey research design collected data from a criterion[1]based sample of 260 couples in Kerala using the M-MAQ and M-MQS, along with the demographic questions and the three items of the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale. The results showed that the respondents with no children, higher education and fewer years of marriage indicated higher levels of marital satisfaction. An exploratory factor analysis suggested a higher internal reliability score for M-MQS and M-MAQ than the non-translated versions. Future research should assess the psychometric properties of these instruments with particular attention to determine the factor structure of the translation.

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