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Master of Science (MS)

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Sexual minorities -- employment




St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Texas)

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Cox, Cody


Diversity research has provided valuable insight into the dynamics of stigma at work. Research has also brought attention to the unique experiences of individuals with concealable, or invisible, stigmatized identities (CSIs) albeit use of the same methodology used to study visible stigma. The current study proposes a theoretical model which consists of a framework of relationships strongly supported in existing workplace diversity literature while introducing moderating variables that are particularly relevant to the experience of employees with CSIs: group commitment strength, identity manifestation, and identity suppression. Further, the profuse use of disclosure as a single measure of identity communication is challenged, highlighting the distinctions between identity disclosure, manifestation, and suppression. Respondents included a sample of 179 LGB employees who completed an online survey regarding their most recent full-time work experience. A modified model is presented. A distinction between forms of identity expression was also supported. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.

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