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Board of Trustees' Minutes - 2020



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Friday, April 3, 2020


Board members present: Michael A. Schott, Chairman of the Board, and Chair of the Finance Committee; Thomas M. Mengler, President; Leti Contreras, Vice Chairperson of the Board, and Chair of the Board Development Committee; Christopher Martinez, Vice Chairperson of the Board; Rev. Oscar Vasquez, S.M., Chancellor; Brother Edward Brink, S.M., Chair of the Catholic and Marianist Identity Committee; David Dickson, Chair of the Investment Committee; Lauro Lopez Jr., Chair of the Audit and Ethics Committee; Lynda M. Ellis, Chair of the University Advancement Committee; Kelley Frost, Ph.D., Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee; Brother Thomas Giardino, S.M., Chair of the Student Development Committee; Rev. Dennis Arechiga; Martin D. Beirne Jr.; Ray E. Berend; Brother Reinaldo Berrios, S.M.; David Herrmann; Steven D. Jansma; Sister Laura M. Leming, F.M.I., Ph.D.; Richard Loza; Michael J. Martinez; Brother Jesse O’Neill, S.M.; Brother Bernard Ploeger, S.M. ; Yava D. Scott ; Rev. John Thompson, S.M.; John Vaught; Sylvia Fernandez Villarreal, M.D.

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